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About Us

eSeal is a leading Supply Chain Digitalization Platform that uses the passive IoT technology and is an essential tool to succeed in the digital economy. eSeal helps industries such as electrical goods, consumer goods, agricultural goods, medical goods and government excise directorates with the following.

  • Gain Real-time Visibility: Track the whole supply chain journey from raw materials to consumers in real-time and gain visibility and control of entire supply chain process.
  • Improve Supply Chain Efficiency: Minimize inventory ageing, avoid stock misplacements, enable accurate accounting and reduce labor costs due to automation.
  • Avoid False Returns & Claims: Validate all stock returns, provide quality traceability metrics and enable back-to-back warranty claims from suppliers.
  • Establish Two-way Traceability: Establish traceability of every supply chain process step from components to production process to finished goods to warehouses to distributors and consumers.
  • Touch-free ERP Updates: Automate the production tracking, enumeration, stock transfer, sales and returns transactions using AIDC technologies, and update the ERP automatically.

eSeal supports multiple AIDC technologies that includes all kinds of visible & invisible Barcodes, RFID, OCR, Bio-metric, Smart Cards etc. and extends information accessibility to SMS and Whatsapp. eSeal has its mobile applications on IOS, Android and Windows marketplaces and integrates with ERP and Salesforce systems.

eSeal Supply Chain Digitalization Platform


RSS Venture Fund

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eSeal Wins ITsAP Best Software Product Award